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Posted on: May 6, 2020

Lawn care and property maintenance: It's easier when everyone does their part

Warmer days are welcome in Michigan, but they also carry responsibility for property owners. City Ordinances requires grass and weeds do not exceed eight inches tall on any property, including grass and weeds along fences and walls.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Taylor is currently handling violations in the following manner:

  1. First, a 10-day warning letter (instead of orange warning stickers) will be issued
  2. When the 10-day warning period runs out, the property owner will receive an orange sticker warning and another five days to correct the problem
  3. If the problem is not corrected after that period, a ticket will be issued.

Property owners should be aware that once a ticket has been issued, a subcontractor will also be assigned to mow the property, with all costs charged to the property owner plus an administration fee. To learn more about the entire process, click here

Proper lawn care is not the only problem that surfaces during warm weather months. Rodents – house or deer mice, Norway or roof rats, moles, etc. – are problems that can crop up from time to time in any area of any community.

The important thing that any resident must understand is that, upon discovering them, they need to be swiftly eliminated before they spread. Many rodents can do lasting damage to your property.

Avoiding outdoor rodents is easy if you know what to look for:

  • Weather-strip garage doors so they close tightly, eliminating access points
  • Do not accumulate trash, and keep all garbage cans covered and secured
  • Use compost bins with secure covers
  • Harvest fruit-barring trees and pick up all fruit off the ground
  • Feed your pets only the amount they will eat in one sitting
  • Clean animal feces daily
  • Only feed birds in cleanable areas, and keep them clean
  • Keep yards clean

That is just a short list of things to look for when trying to avoid outdoor rodents. For even more information, click here

Ordinance violations and other issues can be reported directly to the City on its free app, iCare Taylor

Remember: Take pride in your City. It’s easier if everyone does their part.

Rat Prevention in Taylor

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