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  1. COVID-19 UPDATE: Texas team makes key stride toward stable production of vaccine

    A scientific team at The University of Texas has successfully redesigned a key protein from the coronavirus, and the modification could enable much faster and more stable production of vaccines worldwide, according to today's Wayne County Report. Read on...
  2. Michigan COVID-19 Safety Grant Program offers matching funds

    The Michigan COVID-19 Safety Grant Program awards small businesses matching funds – up to $10,000 – to decrease the risk of COVID-19 spread through safety and health-related equipment purchase and training. Read on...
  1. AUGUST ELECTION DAY: Around 4,500 absentee ballots still have not been returned

    Taylor voters should note that we are eight days away from the August 4 Primary Election. The Clerk’s Office currently has over 4,500 absentee ballots still out that have not been returned. Read on...
  2. Good to Great Neighborhood Program moves into three new areas

    Taylor’s Good to Great Neighborhood Program will be moving into three new areas on Monday, July 13. Read on...
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