Taylor Indoor Baseball Facility

All New in 2017!

The rundown gymnasium and basketball court inside the Taylor Recreation Center, 22805 Goddard Road, has been replaced with a new, hi-tech indoor baseball/softball facility. 

"When I became mayor in 2013, the previous administration had closed the recreation center for budgetary reasons," Mayor Rick Sollars said. "Residents disagreed with that move and wanted us to reopen it. We've done that, and have been evaluating it ever since. When the City of Taylor built the Sportsplex, it had a study showing that their were 200 families in our community involved with hockey, and we ended up paying $26 million to build the TSX. 

"I've always thought that we don't do enough for our little leagues. We have four Little League programs involving about 2,000 families. And with an empty gym, we started thinking about better ways that we could use it and enhance the facility."

The project refit the gym with new wall-to-wall synthetic turf and three inline batting cages/pitching mounds. 

"We are aiming at more of a skill-building site," Mayor Sollars said. "Each cage will be outfitted with mounds, etc. Eventually, we will integrate video into the center. This is going to be an ideal place to teach skill sets and reinforce the lessons by viewing video."

Mayor Sollars and City staff consulted with two people who know the diamond game -- former Detroit Tigers' pitching coach (and Southgate resident) Jeff Jones, and former Major League pitching star Steve Avery, a graduate of Kennedy High School. Jones and Avery have worked together before, and Mayor Sollars would like to see them bring their expertise to the new indoor facility.

Rentals and Rates

Anyone interested in using the indoor baseball-softball facility should reserve a day and time by contacting the Taylor Recreation Center (734) 374-8900 Option 2. Walk-ups are discouraged.

Taylor Little League Organizations Contracted Blocks-
Entire Gym Rental-$100 per hour
Taylor Schools Contracted Blocks-
Entire Gym (3-5 p.m.) $100 per hour
Taylor Adult Softball Blocks (Rotary Park Teams)-
Friday Nights (9–10 p.m.) $100 per hour
Travel Teams
$125 Per Hour (with usage agreement); $150 Per Hour (without usage agreement)
Individuals Per Lane Recreation Center Members-
$20 Per Half Hour; $35 Per Hour
Individuals Per Lane Non-Recreation Center Members-
$30 Per Half Hour; $45 Per Hour
Taylor Recreation Hitters Club Card (we do not re-issue lost cards) -
Half Hour Blocks: Five Visits $100; One Hour Blocks: Five Visits $200
T-Ball/Soft Toss Room (when available) -
Rec Members $20 per hour; Non Recreation Center members $25 per hour