Special Requests

Proclamations, letters, and awards

Mayor Rick Sollars, along with other elected officials and department heads in the City of Taylor, offer official City proclamations. letters of appreciation and awards on a regular basis to deserving members of the community. Request a proclamation, letter or award.

Speakers, special events and meetings

Find more information if you are looking for a featured speaker from the City of Taylor, or are seeking the attendance of any elected official or department head at a special event or meeting.

Tours of the City Hall Complex

The city hall complex, located on Goddard Road at Pine Street, is a popular location for daytime tours, especially by school groups in the community. The tours can be modified to fit any schedule. School groups often visit the Mayor’s Office, City Council Chambers, Veterans Museum, Police Station, District Court, and Fire Station, where they hear from elected officials, volunteers, police officers, judges, and firefighters. The "grand tour" can take a full morning, so plan accordingly. Schedule a tour of the City Hall Complex.

Pias Proclamation Award

Other Interests

For other interests, please see the available options below.
Mayor Sollars at the Bishop Gary Harper Dedication
Mayor Sollars at Quest Web